SABINA’S ROUTES – Guest House VILLA PRATO AMATO – Montelibretti, Rome Italy


  • The Farfa Abbey : only 24 km from Prato Amato, you could visit this famous abbey, the village and buy local products. For information :
  • Mount Tancia : about 7 km from PoggioCatino there is the top of the Sabini Mountain, mount Tancia 1292 m high. The start path is at 800 m. The walking path is 10 Km with a vertical drop of 700 m. For info : Monte Tancia
  • Roccantica village: only 35 km from Prato Amato. You can visit the Tower, the S. Leonardo hermitage, Fonteregna, Pizzuto Mount (1.288 m). The Piedicocca church, the castel-monastery of Clarisse and the S. Chiara Church. For info: Roccantica
  • Poggio Moiano village: about 30 km from Prato Amato. There is a rural church of S. Martino, the S. Giovanni Battista church close to the Town Hall and the 2nd century B.C. Massacci Cave, the megalitic tomb, S. Liberata little Chapel and medieval Arch.
  • Vacone, Fonte Brandusia and Pago (Orazio itinerary) : You could leave the Orazio Villa that Mecenate gave like gift to the poet in 33 AD, and reach the famous Brandusia Fountain, then go to the Vacone village where is situated the Vacuna temple and eventually go to the Sacred Wood Pago mentioned by Plinio. For info :
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  • Mompeo village: You can visit archeological sites from Roman as Tombs and Tower, the Orsini Naro baronial Palace and the Maria Santissima church. For info :
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  • NazzanoTevere-Farfa Reserve is located few km from the villa; it offers the possibility to visit a museum, nature trails with bird watching huts. In addition to guided or not guided walking , it is also possible to make a tour along the Tiber for one or two hours. For info :
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  • Monti Lucretili Park where is also Grotta Pila, a natural cave 40 m long, near Poggio Moiano. The cave includes stalactites due to underwater dropping. For info :
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  • Paganico Sabino and Turano lake: around the lake you can go by bicycle over 34 Km through woods and medieval villages. About 2.5 km from Paganico, near Turano river, there is a quadrangular stone, named Pietra Scritta, representing a 2nd century AD memorial stone. For info :
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  • Cretone thermal baths : are located to the west of Palombara Sabina, where you can enjoy an attractive castle view. In the thermal facilities there are also three swimming pools. The spring consists of hot sulfur water resulting in optional healthy thermal treatments. For info :
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Guest House Villa Prato Amato
Montelibretti – Rome – Italy


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