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The Casa vacanze

Villa Prato Amato is a Guest House situated on top of a hill in the heart of the Sabina region, just 30 kilometers from Rome.
The 7 acres of land which belong to the estate offer a beautiful garden and an impressive landscape, with in addition, very old olive trees.
Many hoopoes and bee-eaters colourful birds which come from South Africa, result in a unique villa environment.

The Guest House consists of 3 floors, 5 double bedrooms and 4 bathrooms suitable to accommodate up to 10 people.
The dining and living room allow guests to eat, watch TV, listen to music or play cards during the hotter hours of the day.
The kitchen is large and well equipped.
It is possible to have meals in the large garden surrounding the villa.

Each part of the Villa is well decorated which makes a stay in our Guest House exclusive, offering family accommodation in a unique and natural environment.

The Guest House Villa Prato Amato has large areas for leisure activities, including a salt water swimming pool to relax during the summer, a children playground, a table-tennis, a wood stove and a room with fireplace.

The Villa can also be rented for special occasions such as banquets, parties or relaxing weekends.

The Guest House is in a good position to visit Rome and to make trips in nearby fascinating places like Farfa Abbey, Vacone, Roccantica and so on.
You can enjoy a mixture of culture, history, nature, traditions and good food.

What else? You are more than welcome in villa Prato Amato where you will find a cosy atmosphere that will make this holiday unforgettable.

Guest House Villa Prato Amato
Montelibretti – Rome – Italy


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